Nov 2010

Contest Winners: Halloween Costumes At The Pats Vs. Vikings Game!

Gansett Light and Good Times! That’s what it’s all about. We ran a contest for Best Gansett Themed Halloween Costume and this just had to win. It’s says it all. Congratulations Laurie Petsche and Al Papesh of Monson, MA. They went as a Gansett Light Tall Boy and a glass of beer that says Good Times on it. Original and homemade, we loved it. They won a pair of tickets to see the Patriots take on the Vikings in yesterday’s game at Gillette Stadium. And what a game that was too. Both Gansett lager and light are on tap at the stadium as well. So this just sums up the best Halloween ever. Gansett light, Fall weather, Patriots football all equal GOOD TIMES! Here’s their photo gallery below.