Mar 2010

Weekend Recap: March Madness, Rock Hunt And St. Patrick’s Day

March Madness

The NCAA March Madness tournament took place in Providence this past weekend so ‘Gansett just had to be a part of the action. The promotion at Trinity Brewhouse was “Madness” which was fitting for the tournament and all. It was the craziness We’ve ever seen downtown. We did manage to successfully coordinate an awesome game of baggo. The winners got t-shirts. We played until 11, and we had new teams every time. The ‘Gansett Girls were able to get a sign up sheet going and talk to everyone about the petition.  Shulas at the Hilton Providence was so packed! Outside the entrance to the restaurant Gansett tall boys were being served for $3, at the inside bar Gansett was being sold on draft for $3. There were many people from Califorina at this promo that were trying Gansett for the first time and loved it! Many of the people that we met from out of town this weenkend really enjoyed the fact that we are a local beer. But our favorite was a fan all the way from Australia. He came to watch his son play in the games so the girls gave him a t-shirt he could wear home.  He asked the ‘Gansett Girls to sign it so he could always remember March Madness in Providence.

dad 2

BRU Rock Hunt

The BRU Rock Hunt at Newport Blues was awesome. Gansetts were $4.50 per bottle! We did eneter to win prizes for all Gansett drinkers. The BRU staff was great, they gave us multiple shout outs. Here’s the list of bands that played that night. Congratulations to Santa Mamba for winning and advancing to the finals!

Paper Eagles
These four musicians, based in Providence, have a unique and entrancing sound. They perform frequently in the local scene, with artists such as the Hood Internet and Stegosaurus. Their song “Paper Eagles” appropriately embodies their distinct combination of mellow beats, haunting electronica, and memorable lyrics.

Santa Mamba
Together for nearly 15 years, this group of Providence musicians cites influences from Tito Puente to The Bad Plus. With heavy Latin Jazz emphasis, their music features rhythmic beats and complex harmonies. Their latest album, “Senseo”, was released in 2008 to much acclaim.

The Valar
Hailing from Barrington, these four young but undeniably talented musicians have been playing together for years. Their soft-rock sound features interesting lyrics and catchy melodies. Their newest single, “Anyway”, is their most mature and engaging work yet.

Rock Hunt Newport

Jerkys also went very well! Gansett tall boys were only $2.50! Gansett drinkers could enter to win prizes! Congratulations to You Scream I Scream for winning. Here’s the list of all the bands.

Flight Patterns is a pop punk/powerpop quintet from Southern New England. The band is composed of members who have been involved in several local acts, and they remain very active in the Massachusetts music scene, even after having released their debut EP and toured across Canada and the United States in 2009. Their music is nicely layered, featuring chiming harmonies that blend with heavy instrumentals. Their EP is titled “The Runaway” and is available for download on iTunes.

Herra Terra is an electro-rock trio from Providence and Boston. Influences include new wave pop/rock, hip-hop, jazz, and video games. Their music possesses a sort of fantastical, dream-like quality while still sounding very soulful (check out “Ejection Seats”), and is avant-garde enough that their sound is different but not in a way that seems like they’re just doing it for show. Anyone who wishes that Ratatat and Muse had had a love child, Herra Terra is for you.

You Scream I Scream hails from the Northeast. This trio has just released their debut CD, entitled Bug In A Light. Reminiscent of Cake, Talking Heads, and (vocally) Nirvana, their sound is laidback but energetic, and features sardonic, matter-of-fact lyrics sung with gritty feeling. “Dog” and “High Maintenance” are some of their best tracks.

WBRU Rock Hunt


You might have already seen the video of Sharks Come Cruisin singing their hearts out on the float. But our St. Patrick’s celebration continued beyond the Parade in Newport. On Wednesday, the ‘Gansett Girls hit up Nick-A-Nee’s in Providence for the Irish band, Craig Was Mighty. Jay Desrosiers, the Mandolinist, wore his Gansett shirt. Here are some more photos of the craziness. Check out the Dr. Seuss Chief Gansett tattoo!


Jay and I

irish gansett 2

Float 2