Mar 2010

Bar Of The Week: Jerkys


Providence is home to one of New England’s finest art and music scene. Although some of our favorite venues have come and gone, news ones seem to pop up all the time. That’s exactly the case with Jerky’s Bar & Live Music. Located in Downtown Providence and placed right above Club Hell (which is another venue we’ll talk about another time), Jerky’s has  been hosting some great shows just over the past few years. Showcasing both local and national acts, they’ve been pulling in crowds from all sorts of different genres. From hip-hop to punk rock, they play it all. Some of us remember just a few years back when Jerkys didn’t have any shows. They had pool tables set-up and hosted parties with a DJ hidden in the back office. A great spot nonetheless, but with other venues like The Living Room and Green Room closing, we’re glad that Jerkys is now having bands play. It’s exactly what this city needs. Without the live music in Providence’s  nightlife, there’s not much else to offer party-goers. That is unless of course you want to break out the glow sticks and hit iPod night at a club with less swagger than a Danielle Steele novel.

Enough on the rant about the Jersey Shore wannabe clubs. What’s going down tonight? Well remember Sponge? Oh my god, of course! Anyone who’s old enough to drink Gansett knows Sponge. They definitely rocked back in the day and appeared on awesome soundtracks like Empire Records and Mallrats. Well they are still rocking and will be at Jerkys tonight. So get down there to see another awesome show and grab a Narragansett tall boy to celebrate Providence’s fantastsic music scene.

Jerkys 3_4