Mar 2010

Band Of The Week: Sharks Come Cruisin’

Inspired by Quint’s rendition of ‘Spanish Ladies’ in the film Jaws, Sharks Come Cruisin’ combines traditional songs of sailing, whaling, drinking and sinking with drums, bass, guitar and lots of hollering. No wonder why we used them for the Narragansett float at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Newport this past Saturday. The above video shows some highlights from the day with their tune, “Bully In The Alley.” You can tell the rain didn’t damper our fighting spirits. Everyone still chanting along. Everytime the float turned a new corner the damp crowd started hollering right along with us and some even tried to keep the fun going by jumping on our float. What a day!

Sharks Come Cruisin’ are quite possibly the most fun band to see live. The energy from both the crowd and the band will keep the venue alive through the night. Aside from parade floats, they play at several New England venues and always ask that ‘Gansett be served if it isn’t already. They put que cards so new fans can sing along as a well and the only way to chant is by hoisting a ‘Gansett in the air. After the parade they headed to Boston to play a sold out show at the House Of Blues opening for Dropkick Murphys on Sunday night. You really need to see this for yourself. Their next show is tonight at The Box (formerly Penalty Box on North Main St.) in Providence, RI. Its’ the fourth annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration and promises to be one hell of a party.

For more check our their MySpace and here’s one of their most recently recorde tunes, John Kanakanaka.

John Kanakanaka