Jun 2009

The Providence Journal Reports On ‘Gansett’s Return, Drink Your Part Petition And New Brewery


Check out this article posted on the Providence Journal about Mark’s visit to the RI State House:

“Most businesses hoping to come to Rhode Island don’t get to make their pitch from the speaker’s rostrum.

But most businesses aren’t Narragansett Beer.

Representatives of the Rhode Island brew with the famous name hit the State House on Thursday to tout their plan to build a brewery in the Ocean State. Gansett hasn’t been made here since the company closed its Cranston brewery in 1979.

As staffers passed out shot glasses filled with the frothy libation, company owner Mark Hellendrung stood beside House Speaker William J. Murphy, urging lawmakers to “drink their part.” To raise the money needed to build a successful brewery, the company needs to sell 7.5 million cases a year.

“We have the chance to rewrite history together and rebuild the Narragansett brewery,” Hellendrung told the legislators.

Lawmakers, nearly giddy with excitement (or perhaps with Narragansett) offered a standing ovation and Hellendrung invited them to join him next Thursday for a rally at the Providence Biltmore hotel, complete with “ ’Gansett girls,” and a trip to a local bar afterward.

House members regaled the executive with their own Narragansett stories — tales of bygone bars and good times that stretched back decades. Warren Rep. Jan Malik even invited the executives to bring the ’Gansett girls to his liquor store.

“Next time you come in, make sure you call. I’ll make sure my wife’s not there and bring the girls in, please,” he said.

And so it goes on the House floor.”

Awesome! Check the video of mark at the RI State House and be sure to sign the petition!